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Tuscany Polished marble flooring   Bologna Heritage marble flooring


Florence Polished  marble tiles        Verona Honed marble floor tiles

This is our range of luxurious marble floor and wall tiles. Each marble lends itself to a certain type of finish depending on its colour and characteristics, and of course personal taste. We are able to finish these marble tiles in many different ways to bring about a range of textures and colours.

These include 

 Honed marble tiles.

Polished marble tiles. 

Brushed marble tiles.

Antiqued marble tiles .

Tuscany marble tiles are the most characterful of all our marbles; it has large sections of orange and white veins which complement its naturally dark colouration. For this reason Tuscany marble flooring is very versatile and looks stunning in all of the finishes we use. Bologna marble tiles are dark in colour and have white veins with a hint of blue; again it provides a versatile marble floor but looks particularly effective with an aged heritage look.

Florence marble  on the other hand is more contemporary in style as it has very little imperfections and therefore provides a dazzling pure white finish with a tiny hint of blue. Verona marble flooring is almost travertine-like in colouration yet carries the beautiful dark veins that marble is known and adored for.

If you're looking for a tile to give your home character, beauty and a pastoral feel, a tumbled marble tile is just what you've been looking for.

A Brief History of Marble

Marble is well known to have been the favourite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects. It was used to convey many of the most famous and worshipped individuals of the time, and has therefore become a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste. Marble is thought of as being very pure in colour, however there are many types throughout the world with extremely varied and colourful patterns. For this reason marble has become a favourite decorative material and is increasingly being used within the home.

Marble is a metamorphic rock which is formed due to metamorphism of either limestone or dolomite. This process causes re-crystallization of the original stone; the temperatures and pressures required ensure that any fossils present are destroyed. Pure white marble is formed when extremely pure limestone is metamorphosed, whereas the characterful veins and swirls are more than often due to impurities such as clay, silt or sand.

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