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              Sicily Polished                                  Sorrento Honed


                                                           Modena Tumbled

We have a total of three limestones in our bespoke natural stone range.

Sicily is a very pure limestone and therefore bright white in colouration, similar to our Florence marble it generally suits a more contemporary surrounding. However, applying other finishes such as tumbling adds a new dimension to the stone and allows it to complement more traditional and classical areas of the home. Sorrento on the other hand is a vibrant yellow-gold colour which brings warmth and character.

Modena is almost a combination of the other two limestones, it has a pale natural colour but contains beautiful orange and golden swirls and veins. These characteristics provide a very prestigious looking stone, with each of our finishes bringing out a different hidden quality.

Natural limestone tile is an excellent choice for hallways, foyers, and dining rooms. Its elegance will last for generations, enhance any home, and its neutral colors will compliment any choice of d├ęcor.

A Brief History of Limestone

Many landmarks across the world have been built out of limestone such as The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. It was particularly popular in the middle ages as it is hard, durable and was easily accessible. In Europe, many of the medieval churches and castles were made from limestone.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock which is largely composed of calcium carbonate, often containing sand, silt or clay. Because of these impurities limestone can often be found in many different colours across the globe, some more suitable than others for building purposes. Limestone itself forms the basis of travertine and also marble, which have been exposed to natural conditions over time and subsequently weathered.

Limestone is very common in architecture, especially throughout North America and Europe. It is readily available and is relatively easy to cut into blocks or carve ornate detail into. Limestone is also long-lasting and stands up well to exposure. However, limestone is very heavy - making it impractical for tall buildings, and relatively expensive as a building material.

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